What Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi thinks of Exogenesis

DISCLAIMER: While everything you will read below is 100% true, this is just us being fanboys and fangirls.

So here’s the thing: Like many, many fans who added Uchikoshi-san on Facebook after his series of tweets about ZE3 in English, I chatted him up to let him know how appreciated his work is. We had a mostly one-sided conversation about outsourcing as one way to curtail development costs in order to make ZE3 happen, and I told him how much of an inspiration 999 was for me to create my own commercial game.

One of those days while the movement for rallying ZE3 support was ramping up (check out Operation Bluebird if you haven’t), I posted a video I found of him on IGN. He seemed shy then, so his response to me posting it was understandable albeit unexpected.

Here is how it went:

Kotaro Uchikoshi on Exogenesis

The link you see above leads to our page on the Lemma Soft Forums which is a popular hub of visual novels. So, there you have it!

You can imagine how thrilled we were to receive positive feedback not only from a personal idol, but also one of the vanguards of narrative story telling in video games. It was a small comment but hugely inspiring nonetheless.

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