We listen to you guys, and due to insistent demand, we’ve decided to open a PayPal pledges page for those who couldn’t make it to our Kickstarter! Every single pledge will help ensure the game will come out in the best quality it possibly can, and you get to support a small indie studio that’s dedicated to telling big stories through interactive visual novels. Oh, and you get cool stuff, too!

We’ve listed the most popular tiers below, but if you want to avail of the other Kickstarter rewards, just let us know. :)



Receive a digital copy of Exogenesis for PC, Mac and Linux as soon as it’s available. Get the game while it’s hot!

RULER – $35

Receive a digital copy of Exogenesis for PC, Mac and Linux as soon as it’s available PLUS a fully illustrated digital strategy guide. Struggle with puzzles no more!


Receive a digital copy of Exogenesis on PC, Mac, Linux, AND a bonus platform of your choice, the full digital soundtrack, and a digest version of the art book. You want the music, you get nice perks!


In this highly requested tier, you get a digital copy of Exogenesis for PC, Mac and Linux PLUS the FULL digital art book, packed with all sorts of information about the game’s lore and development. 


Get an extensive digital art book featuring concept and final art with insightful notes about the entire development process from Team Exogenesis. If you’re interested in how indie games are made, this is for you. Also includes PRINCIPALITY rewards.

VIRTUE – $100

Get a copy of Exogenesis on ALL platforms it will release on, plus the game’s digital soundtrack and full digital art book. Don’t miss a thing!


All previous rewards and Exogenesis game art in its original high resolution. You will receive test builds and be part of the development process by providing feedback that will be taken in full consideration. In other words, you get the game earlier than everyone else and affect its development directly. We’re in this for the long haul, and so are you!

Exogenesis PayPal Page




Download for PC/Mac/Linux! ***UPDATED!*** WORK IN PROGRESS
Download for PC/Mac/Linux! [WORK IN PROGRESS]


[English]  [German]


A few words from Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi
A few words from Zero Escape creator Kotaro Uchikoshi



 “…it might just give [Zero Escape and Ace Attorney] a run for their money.” – RPGFan





Stretch Goal Info Feat. TeamFourStar






Digital Soundtrack





We’re proud of the music we have so far, and you can trust us to make sure that we complete the rest of the soundtrack with the same high quality music that you’re hearing now.



Digital Art Book





As fans of video game and anime art books ourselves, we understand how important additional content is. While a bunch of pretty pictures are often fine on their own, it’s a lot more fun to leaf through art books with anecdotes from the artists and an extensive interview at the end (Director’s Note: The interview in P3′s art book was surprisingly profound. LOVED it!). That’s why we’re going all out with Art of Exogenesis, packing it with as much annotated art as we can, including many sketches from the conceptual stage, in order to show you guys what it’s really like to create art for a video game.








  • Gamey Geemer

    I look forward to buying this when it came out, I actually only found out that this game existed because I was looking up when an episode of DBcember would come out, got directed to the FAQ page on team four star, and the video where they announced that the attack on titan abridged was hit with the copyright ban hammer they mentioned that a few of them were in the vocal cast.

    That said, I absolutely love the ace attorney games, and I haven’t played the Zero Escape games, but this looks like it will be well worth the 25$ purchase.

  • AnonGamer

    Looking forward to this, just wish I could remember which tier I bought! I want to upgrade, lol. Guys, if you want a tester or some advertising and show space at AnimeGo! and SunnyCon Anime Convention, let me know.