Meet the Team

Director/Writer/Game Designer – Nicolo Sanchez

Formerly an editor for an online gaming news site which rivaled the big ones (Kotaku, Destructoid et. al.) before it took a dark path around 5 years ago, Nicolo also wrote for a Philippine gaming magazine before an award-winning (runner-up in Startup Weekend Manila) game idea gave him the confidence to start his own game project, throwing everything he has into what is now Exogenesis.

Programmer – Alfie Machica

Alfie made little games using C# in college, and learned Python on the job as a software developer for a large local retail company. He’s used his ability to easily pick up new programming languages on the Python-based engine which powers Exogenesis. He proves the theory that programmers are machines which regurgitate pizza and beer into code.

Character Artist – Kuromai

She has a small but dedicated following in the “utaite” (Japanese animated music videos, usually of Vocaloid songs) scene for her dynamic character designs and amazing fan art. She brings the characters of Exogenesis to life with her vivid art style and painstakingly detailed animations. Kuromai specializes in character art, but she exercises her newfound talent in game asset creation.

Background Artist – Vinsensius Suriantoso

Vincent is the lead artist of Indonesia-based Awaken Dreams studio and the go-to guy of many 2D Flash game developers. He’s done cover art for popular novels in Indonesia, such as Merlin’s Tomb and localized Percy Jackson books.

Composer – John Delvento

John’s an up and coming prolific musician whose work speaks for itself. He’s done tracks for major TV commercials and you can hear some of his uncredited music in an upcoming next-gen AAA title. Here is a man who wears many hats and needs to sleep more often.

Composer – Florenz Sison

A pure-blood musician who’s active in the Filipino indie music circuit, Florenz picked up his digital composition chops not long ago but his over 10 years of experience in band music is transitioning well to the new medium. The more rock-inspired tracks in certain portions of the game are his brainchildren.

Animator – Mona Liza Dayco

Known as “Ritz” in utaite circles, she is Kuromai’s partner in crime and a talented animator whose work goes beyond the Japanese music videos that she’s known for. You can see her magic in an upcoming French animated feature film set for an international release.

Sound Designer – Alex Young

His credentials include studying classical music for 10 years and training in Music Technology and Electroacoustic Theory at De Montfort University, Leicester. After 5 years working as a session musician he now spends his time creating music and sound effects for all kinds of media.

  • Thorben Bernsen

    I just read about this, looks like I’m over a month to late to help backing.
    A shame though, because you guys seem to pull off a great job here, I love the art style and the fact that Exogenesis is inspired by games like the Phoenix Wright and Zero Escape series makes me consider to buy it once it’s out.
    By the way, since I can’t access the forums, has it been confirmed that Exogenesis will come out for the 3DS?
    Saw on Kickstarter that it still had a question mark.

    Anyways, keep up the good work.
    Keep in mind that it’s not just the backers on the forums that want you to succeed, but the ones that couldn’t back you up in time as well.

    Thanks for being awesome. :3