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  • Owl

    I am DYING for this game to come out! The graphics look beautiful, the storyline is interesting and just… wow… I cannot wait until this comes out!

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on this because really, amazing idea you’ve got going!

  • Androssi Zahard

    Hey guys,

    As huge Zero Escape fan I’m so excited about this project that I’m checking your site/Twitter every day. THIS is a very ambitious and I’m sure you will succeed. It’s an unique and rarely a common setting and that’s why it’s so interesting. I wish or hope I can help you in any way possible. In my eyes your project need to be promoted and I hope you keep up your good work and provide the best you can do. I’m sure of your success and wish you all the time, strength and ideas to come up big. Take your time and do what you believe in not what others want you to be ;o) Stay healthy and have a good future. I’m praying for ya.

    Sry for my bad English. I’m still improving it (reading and talking skills are way better compared to my writing…) Until then ^^