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    Hello. o/

    I’m Danica Esguerra, one of the administrators for Exogenesis~Perils of Rebirth~
    Nice to meet you, guys!

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    Hey there!

    I’m P.W., the voice of Yudai Sayashi! Nice to meetcha’!

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    Hi !
    I’m a backer just arriving here.
    And it looks like I’m one of the first. :D

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    Hello everyone.
    I’m just a backer too, but I’m surprised at the lack of people here yet.
    I look forward to talking with everyone.

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    Hi I’m a backer too, but also an indie game dev from Australia.

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    Hi hi, mysterious twitter backer dropping in!

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    Hello everyone!
    I’m Dan, a backer just dropping by to scope out the website.

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    Hey guys, I hope you can bear with us on the temporary technical problems. We’re trying to get this place up and running alongside working hard on the game. :)

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    Another backer here. Our first accounts were re-created because previously they were given more user rights than we are supposed to have (like, moderating comments). Good to see that it’s been settled quickly!

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      Hello Lumy & Pyragor!

      We’re currently encountering some technical difficulties; therefore, please bear with us for the mean time. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

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    Hi, I’m from Austria and a game journalist. Looking forward to Exogenesis! Cheers !

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    Hey, guys.

    I see they have the forum up… not many users, yet, I see.

    I’m Marc, from Virginia.

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    Hello from France.
    Eowyn, ace attorney and zero escape fan.
    Learned about exogenesis from uchikushi san on Facebook.

    And i’m Java developer for a living.

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    Hi everyone

    I’m Steve from Luxembourg, and like many others here another Backer

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    Hello all. I’m a self-described League of Legends and visual novel addict, born and raised in the U.S. My girlfriend is an anime character, my father a pro gamer, and my dog an intelligent Welsh Corgi. When I’m not gaming at my PC, I’m gaming in my sleep. Don’t hesitate to call.

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    Hi everyone :)

    I am just another backer ;)

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    Hi everyone! pleased to meet you. I’m just another backer here as well. :)

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    My name is Nikko.
    I’m a web developer and I’d like to help as much as I can.
    The game looks promising and glad to see some fellow Filipinos to be part of the game development. :)

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    Hello, all. Fellow fan of visual novels here, and I am especially excited to see English language VNs finally taking off a bit. The more the merrier, I say! :D

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    Hi there! I’m a backer from Brazil, and also a big fan of the visual novel medium, especially when it doesn’t involve crappy dating-sim elements and sexual fetishes. (VNDB just depresses me so much).

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    Laurent Protti

    Hello everyone, I’m a backer from Switzerland, were are you from ?

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    Hello i am a backer from Norway, i am really looking forward to this game, My tastes in video games have shifted over the last 6 months, from action-adventure games to Adventure, stealth and Survival horror games, and i couldn’t be more happy with my shift.
    And Exogenesis looks really promising, superb artwork, interesting characters and the story looks really fascinating. :-)

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    Hey guys! Also another backer here. Basically a friend sent me the kickstarter campaign to this because I am obsessed with Zero Escape and Phoenix Wright and also share the Exogenesis vision of having more games like these available to the public. I would love to write my own visual novel some day (as I have some Python/Ren’Py and general writing experience) but am hopeless when it comes to artwork :’(

    Can’t wait to see this get up and running~!

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    Mauricio Soto

    Hello, my name is Mauricio, glad to be a backer of such a promising game, im looking forward to it :D

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    Hello everyone another backer here. Nice to meet everyone. :-)

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    Thorsten Mueller

    Hey, another backer (and game journalist) from Germany dropping :)

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    Hmmmm~~ heya all, I’m normally a lurker only so see ya~

    *Disappear behind the wall*

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    Hi I’m Nox, just a backer as well and a fan of VN’s and post apocalyptic scenarios which first drew me to this project and from what I’ve seen this looks like its gonna be a hoot and i cant wait to get my hands on it.

    I do have a question though, will we be able to choose a romance partner? or are you going for a more Final Fantasy classic jrpg route of having fixed pairings? or is our PC too focused on bringing back little sis?

    Anyway good luck :)


    Does anyone know how to add a profile picture? i went into edit my profile and couldn’t for the life of me find the option.

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      Nox, have you tried checking the page that shows up after you log in? It should be there. :)

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    Hey, I’m a backer, but also a writer/artist/visual novel fanatic from England :)

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    Hi, I´m a backer and Visual Novel-Fan from Germany and I´m really looking forward to the game. Hope it will be nearly as good as 999, the demo shows you know what your doing.

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    Hello everyone,

    Wedge here, real firstname is Aurelien.

    Glad to be here and part of this coming game. I’m from france, fans of adventure since the first I’ve disocovered quite sometime ago with the maniac mansion, on the old Atari ST, and several other. Also having my own little dedicated website to Adventure Games and big fan of Phoenix Wight, and 999, and of course Virtue’s Last Reward.

    Can’t wait to see the progress on this game and will be really happy to follow that!


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    Hello, everyone, Dutch backer guy over here :D. As you can see, my name is Neobullseye. Well, that’s not my real name, but it’s the one I use on just about every online thing I’m active in that allows for non-realistic usernames. If you feel that ‘Neobullseye’ is too long of a name, or if you just too lazy to type out the whole thing, just call me Neo.

    More on-topic: I’m really looking forward to Exogenesis. I somehow managed to stumble upon it while searching for a possible release date for ZE3.

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    Hi, Im a backer from USA. As the others have said above played Ace Attorney and the Zero series. Pretty much a fan of a lot of games, anime like Dangnaropa, No Game No Life and such. Played enough of the demo to decide to back it. Doesn’t bother me if you fix the forums or not. Just put out your astounding game :).

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    Hi guys, sorry about the lack of activity here. We’ve been focused on the game and the candidates for community management didn’t pan out. We should roll something out in the coming days, though, so please stay tuned!

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    Hello all,
    My name’s a bit of a mouthful, so feel free to call me Rolphy. I currently live in Australia and am a fan of JRPGs, visual novels and puzzle games, though I have recently become obsessed with Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA f.
    Having played three games written or co-written by Uchikoshi-san, I’ve come to adore the complex stories he weaves into his works, and I hope Exogenesis manages to tell such an engrossing tale.
    Good luck with the game Team EXO!

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    Hi, all! Glad to be here finally. I’m a Cherubim backer from the UK.

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    Yo, I’m Sato. Dominion level backer and an aspiring Japanese to English translator who spends his free time doing a translated Let’s Play of Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsuisou, a visual novel set after the novel/film The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya.

    My favourite genres of video games are visual novels and JRPGs (which make Persona 3 and Persona 4 the best games in the history of ever for having aspects of both), I’m a big fan of both the Ace Attorney and Zero Escape series which is what drew me here.

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    Hi all~

    I’m Yasmin, from Australia, and like most of the other people here, I’m a backer (Dominion).

    I only just found the email from the team to access the forums here now, because the thing had been sent to my junkmail *grumble*

    Anyway, I’m a long time lurker and it’s absolutely awesome to see some activity in the forums! Looking forward to getting to chat with you all. :)

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    Weird. My first account seems to have ben deleted. I lost profile params. And my first post above is now “anonymous”

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    Chaos Hero

    Hey everyone!

    My name is Andrew and I am one of the four Prophet backers to Exogenesis. I really love to play (and watch lets plays on) visual novels. :)

    I stumbled on this project on the second to last day and had just missed out on the “Prophet” backer pledge. I decided to watch the trailers/lets plays for it before I decided to back it – and I was impressed with what I saw. I came back on the last night to pledge and luckily the fourth slot was added to the Prophet pledge.

    Best of luck to the project!

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    Hi, I’m another backer from England, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to Exogenesis. I’ve been a fan of Ace Attorney and Zero Escape for a while now, I enjoy visual novels of any variety, and stories with a strong emotional story really pull me in, so Exogenesis is going to fill a hole left by AA and ZE.

    Nice to meet you all!

    EDIT: I was linked here by TeamFourStar’s main news page, and I cannot wait to hear them in action!

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