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    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that we’re not satisfied with how the forums look AT ALL. It’s been a pain tinkering with it and other forum software (we need one that will allow to import registration data from CSV so we don’t have to manually register/approve 1500+ users), which would be fine and dandy if we weren’t also hard at work in making the game.

    This is the reason why we haven’t officially launched the forums yet. We’re not too happy with it. We’ve spent some time with plugins for setting user roles. The default font color is a little difficult to read and it’ll take even more tinkering to change it without affecting the home page’s content. There’s also the issue with our current theme having a conflict with bbPress, causing problems in displaying posts.

    However, we know some of you guys are anxious to have the place running.

    So, I’d like to ask you guys to bear with us for a while. We’ll keep on improving the forums as we move forward. For now, we’ll be proceeding with the invites (we’ve only sent them to a few so far) so everyone can start chatting!

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    How about try using community boards instead of WordPress linking?

    I’m using IPB Forums on http://www.bpactguild.com though I don’t see any import users option.

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