Exogenesis Characters Miho Sayashi

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  • Samuel

    These are some really interesting character backgrounds for a game and i’m glad to see they aren’t the normal generic characters some games fall into. The art for the characters is amazing as well, overall this looks like it’s shaping up to be a great game.

  • Namiirei

    You really should try to do this game for psvita (Psn) too, a lot of Vn lovers play on handheld consoles (and why not 3ds, if it’s possible, like Zero escape).

    Good luck.

  • Matthew

    Wow, they look like characters who can and will have all sorts of crazy relationships ranging from best friends to murderous enemies.
    Minor point, they all have some pretty elaborate outfits but would they actually be able to get clothes like this in a place with no malls like we are used to? It doesn’t matter really though thanks to suspension of disbelief.
    Can’t wait for the Kickstarter and the game itself!

  • Feytaline

    I’m really excited. It’s very cool to see a bipolar character (like me!) I’m looking forward to getting to know them, and I’m pretty sure cosplay might need to happen…

  • Postnjam

    Just wondering, how will characters address each other? Is it going the VN route of using Honorfics or will they just be refereed to by their first name?

    • ExogenesisAdmin

      We have a demo and nope, no honorifics used there.

  • Bani

    “Confused sense of rivalry”–Wait, why CONFUSED? ………. > _> is2g this better not be anything to do with “unnecessary feelings” of “unease” and “uncertainty”.

    So Gunther is Panty Anarchy?

    • ExogenesisAdmin